Digital data from infrastructure inspection visualised and analysed in the cloud

Combining the 2D/3D digital data of an asset, building, bridge, viaduct, dam etc into a single platform does away with the need for expensive software or hardware, improves communication both internally and with your contractors while reducing costs and risks.

The HD images used to create the 3D model can be viewed and analysed in greater detail.

Our cloud solution can be used to:

  • Detect defects - safely identify even the finest cracks or hard-to-reach damaged areas.

  • Annotations - annotate relevant and damaged spots directly in the original images. The marker is automatically added to all images where the location can be seen. So every picture is automatically double-checked – without requiring any action on your part

  • Measurements - perform measurements and analyses down to the millimetre range. Measuring in hard-to-reach or dangerous places has never been easier

  • Inspection report - inspection reports can be generated automatically. This contains a detailed overview of all annotations, important information and relevant inspection images.

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