Digitalisation of large construction/earthworks project increases productivity using drones

Digitalisation of large construction/earthworks project increases productivity, reduces the risk of time delays and improves site safety.

We have started working on a new project providing regular as-build 2D and 3D topographical data so the client can closely monitor and track the earthworks phase of this complex project versus design.

The survey grade accurate digital data tied to the OS grid will allow our client to compare between project phases, visualise change and work done, control quality, discover deviations from plan and much more.

Using drone technology allows us to speed up the data capture process as previously it would have taken weeks but now it can be done in days.

The digital data is being used to:

1. Track progress of the project at all stages of the build against the design models

2. Manage earthworks with cut and fill volumetric measurements

3. The high resolution imagery can be integrated and used in #BIM

4. Evidence regarding the amount of work carried out

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