Drone survey/inspection of overhead power lines (OHL)

Drone technology is an ideal tool for capturing 2D/3D digital data on overhead line (OHL) projects and we think it’s going to be widely used on National Grid RIIO2 projects by Balfour Beatty, Babcock International Group, Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure and others.

Drone technology was used to survey and capture digital data on an overhead line (OHL) project to aid master planning and logistic planning as well as identifying and mitigating against potential program risks.

The digital information gathered can be used by the onsite and offsite teams to understand the topography of the project (3D point cloud, digital surface model (DSM), mesh, contours etc.), a conditional survey before, during and after the project, cut and fill volumetric measurements and to compare the as-build vs design throughout the project. Aerial LiDAR can be used for areas with heavy vegetation.

The digital outputs from a drone survey can be used in the design, planning, construction and marketing stages of a OHL or electricity power line project.

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