Drone survey saves main contractor money on earthworks project as sub-contractor tries to overcharge

On a large construction project, the sub-contractor tried to overcharge the main contractor for removing stockpiles they say were of a certain size but the main contractor was able to use the survey grade accurate digital data we produced from our drone survey in AutoCAD to calculate the correct size of the stockpiles.

There was a big difference between the two stockpile figures and the main contractor saved a significant amount of money because they were able to manage the earthworks process digitally.

We used RTK/PPK drone technology on this earthworks project to survey this site in one day and the data was sent to the client the following day, it was all done safely with sub 30mm of accuracies. The 2D and 3D digital data was used to understand the volume of material onsite. The digital data can be used to track, map, and measure earthworks activity onsite.

The survey grade accurate digital data from a drone survey can be used for pre and post stripping surveys.

Aerial LiDAR can be used to carry out topographical surveys with dense vegetation varying from grass/brambles through to mature trees and shrubs.

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