Drone surveying used to create digital twin of infrastructure projects or assets

Good article from Hexagon AB out digital twins. ProDroneWorx has the ability to create a 3D model of your project or asset e.g. cities or towns, buildings, construction sites, roads or motorways, bridges or any other piece of infrastructure, that can form the basis of your digital twin.

We use a variety of data capture techniques to create a 3D model for your digital twin using drones, terrestrial laser scanners, helicopters, airplanes etc.

A digital twin is a replica of something in the physical world created in a digital form. It’s a no-risk clone of a physical object or environment, where you can learn and experiment with ‘what-if’s.

Digital twins help you understand the physical world’s state, respond quickly to changes and improve business operations. They are excellent for running simulations and exploring hypothetical situations before investing money and resources into new projects.

Reality capture – the process of collecting data to create or update the digital twin bridges the physical and digital virtual worlds.

Reality capture is how we digitise the real world and create digital replicas. Reality capture technology is, in fact, several complementary technologies that let you view and paint the world in 3D.

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