Infrastructure survey and inspection providing detailed 3D point cloud and orthorectified imagery

Producing digital data on a structure is an efficient and effective way of understanding the remaining lifespan of aging assets and determining investment programmes. The 2D/3D digital data can be used to understand defects and the condition of any structure or asset. The digital data can be used to take measurements, calculate areas or angles and to draw defects of the vertical and horizontal (underside) surfaces of the structure in CAD to a high level of accuracy.

Using 2D/3D digital data allows infrastructure managers or asset owners monitor the performance and condition of all types of structures and to tailor a maintenance programme to meet individual needs.

This is a very small section of a large infrastructure project we worked on providing detailed 3D models tied to the OS grid. We also produced 2D orthomosaics that are orthorectified so measurements can be taken from them. We captured this detail on the columns and underside of the infrastructure asset with a resolution of 1mm per pixel. The detail and accuracy is incredible.

This technology can be applied to any type of infrastructure or assets e.g. building facade or roof, bridge, dam, viaducts etc.

These digital models can be stored, managed and analysed in the cloud for increased collaboration and productivity. More to follow on this.

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