Using drone technology for powerline or overhead line (OHL) survey or inspection work

Drone technology is the ideal tool for powerline or overhead line (OHL) survey or inspection work. The digital data captured plays a very important role with site planning and logistics, health and safety, inspection of towers, vegetation encroachment, client engagement, etc. All of the data capture can be managed in the cloud and analysed.

The information gathered can be used by the onsite and offsite teams to understand the topography of a project (3D point cloud, digital surface model (DSM), mesh, contours etc.). Aerial LiDAR can be used for areas with heavy vegetation producing a 25cm grid DSM and DTM point cloud.

RTK/PPK drone technology can be used to produce 2D/3D digital data and we think it’s going to be widely used on National Grid RIIO2 projects by Balfour Beatty, Babcock International, Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure and others.

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