Drones make it easier to acquire various digital information sets about a construction project and they can do it in a safe, accurate and cost effective way compared to traditional methods. Within the digital construction industry, companies can operate extensive networks of complex assets over large areas. Drones can help manage these assets in a cost effective way.

Drones help address some of the following challenges on a digital construction project:

  • Land/Site Evaluation: Drones are able to capture high-resolution videos and images, providing digital information about a projects initial status for investors and property owners before work begins.

  • Pre-construction Phase: By providing better digital field data, drones can significantly improve the speed and quality of the digital design process by:

  • providing a digital aerial map of the construction project in 2D or 3D formats which can then be used by engineers, architects, project managers etc. to visualise the placement of buildings and services

  • accurately estimating earthworks of a project for cut and fill

  • producing digital surface/terrain models of the digital construction project to understand its topography

  • taking linear measurements and volume measurements with 2D and 3D maps

  • significantly speeding up the surveying of a project using GCPs

  • Construction Phase:

  • Inspecting structures: instead of using complex software, employing additional staff and relying on difficult readings, drones can be used to get a first-hand view of how solid your structures are, how aesthetically pleasing they are becoming and where they are moving away from the architect’s or engineer’s plan.

  • Drones are perfect for quick surveys of projects and for the accurate gathering of digital data for progress reports.

  • Having up to date awareness and accuracy of the activities and work carried out on a construction project is a challenge. Drones solve this problem as they are able to provide extensive digital data at each phase of the digital construction process.

  • Post Construction:

  • Drones can be used for quality control purposes to assess the work carried out by sub-contractors before handover and final payment.

  • Imagery and videos from drones can be used in the marketing of the building or structure.

  • Drones are a fast and effective way of carrying out regular or one off maintenance checks of a building or structure.

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Drone Construction Site