Volume Measurements

Drone volume measurement of stone
Drone volume measurement modelling
Drone volume measurement of stone

We can measure stockpiles on site or the extraction volumes for earthworks using drone technology. It is very challenging, costly and time consuming to quantify the exact amount of resources or aggregate present in a specific area using traditional methods, but this is not the case using our drones and specialised cameras. Ground control points (GCPs) can be used for absolute/global accuracy, if required.

Drone volume measurement information could be used for:

  • financial reporting of inventories/aggregate

  • ensuring a certain stockpile/aggregate will cover a particular area

  • as a piece of legal information when a company looks to purchase stockpiled assets from another company

  • knowing how much material has been displaced, how much can be excavated or how much can be filled

Traditional methods involve taking measurements from the ground with a laser scanner or from above with a helicopter or plane. These methods can be inaccurate, time consuming and very expensive.

Drones can capture volume measurements faster, more accurately and more cheaply than traditional means. Using technology like orthomosaics, contour lines and point clouds mosaic images can be amassed, 3D models can be created and volumetric calculations can be produced.

All of our drone volume measurement outputs are compatible with BIM and CAD software.

The benefits of using our technology for drone survey, inspection or mapping projects using LiDAR or photogrammetry can be found on our homepage.